Alberto Rinaldi - Bass Guitar Player - Folk, Jazz, Heavy Metal, Pop Rock: recordings, live and studio sessions
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Bass Player and Composer

The energy of rock running through my veins and the touch of true Italian style twisting my fingers!
Live/studio sessions and assisting bands with their pop/rock/jazz compositions and recordings are the projects I have been involved in over the past decade while collaborating with musicians in South Africa, UK and Italy.
My recent personal projects involve a theatre soundtrack, a progressive rock single and I am now working on a solo CDs.

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Since a first lesson in A-minor and C-major in his cousinís room in 1992, basements, underground bars, folk festivals and jazz venues have become Albertoís second home.
Initially trained in classical and electric guitar, the Italian soon found the bass to be his true match. He has since performed with bands across Northern Italy, London and South Africa, playing anything from jazz, pop, hard and progressive rock, to folk and soul.


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