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Photographic portfolio

Specialised in travel, nature and documentary photography I also manage projects for corporate events, opera/rock musicians and weddings, delivering outstading real-life high quality photos.
I am the photographer and co-creator of the "Sharp Sharp Vespa" blog: The story of a scooter safari across six countries in Southern Africa.

Check out my portfolios and get licensed via Getty Images clicking on the "Request to License" link on the right hand side of each photo page .

Documentary photography

Bushman paintings (Drakensberg, South Africa)

With the help of some digital technologies I've given new life to these ancient Bushman rock paintings that are slowly disappearing (Main caves, Giant's Castle)
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Sex worker rights Day 2011 (Johannesburg CBD, South Africa)

Sex Workers Rights March organised by the Sisonke Sex Worker Movement the 3rd of March 2011 in Newtown.
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Energy & Environment (Southern Africa)

A way to reflect about energy ad environmental issues through images.
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Wildlife and nature

Face to Face with the elephants (Southern Africa)

Have you ever fed an elephant and been so close to feel his breath on your face? You might even feel it while watching this monography dedicated to these huge mammals.
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African animals & wildlife (Southern & East Africa)

Ever growing on-going project dedicated to the african animals I met during my travels.
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Flowers (World)

From China to Kew Garden through Helsinki and Johannesburg: the gallery of colours.
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Travel photography

Sharp Sharp Vespa (Southern Africa)

An Italian and a Pole embarked on a scooter safari across six Southern Africa countries: from Joburg to Dar Es Salaam and back. Follow our ramblings as we push through the mud, hide from the storms and terrify locals -- all in the spirit of a true African adventure.
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Drakensberg (South Africa)

Landscapes and natural beauty of the Drakensberg region.
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Mountain Sanctuary Park (Gauteng, South Africa)

A silent and fascinatig park in the Gauteng.
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'Minä asun Helsingissä' (Helsinki, Finland)

A winter in Helsinki, the finnish capital: everyday life and cultural patterns.
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Discovering Manhattan (New York, USA)

A personal point of view of the most famous places in Manhattan, New York (USA).
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From acting to gothic sets, everything becomes an illusion.
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Thematic photosets

Black and white (World)

A collection of black & white shots.
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Food and beverage (World)

Everybody love great food.
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Music, nightlife, entertainment (World)

The music and entertainment worlds under the photographical eye of a musician: fetish patterns and surrounding environment beyond the performance.
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Latest and licensing

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